Sunday, 27 April 2014

Get All Paid iOS Apps For Free Without Jailbreak

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After you get your new iPhone the first thing that you do is search for it's Unlocking or Jail-breaking because most of the good apps are Paid on iOS platform.Few days back we taught you how to download Free apps on android without rooting  so this time we thought to tell you about iOS.

I got this tip from one of my friend Nirmal who has been using android for quite a while and has shifted to iOS recently and was about to jailbreak his device when he saw a very unique thing and tried it and by God's grace it was working.

This website named 25PP allows you to download all the paid iOS apps for free without any jailbreak.It's in Chinese so you might face a little problem operating it and I will guide you through the steps so you can use it easily.

First Step:

Go to

Second Step:

Select the app You want to download and then click on the blue icon to download it.

Third Step : 

Click on the Blue PPassistant(WIN) or the highlighted part as shown in the Picture

Fourth Step:

Install the Software It is like itunes.

Fifth Step:

Download an app and then connect your phone,click on the app to download it on your device.It works in a similar fashion as itunes,But there's a glitch here as it is in Chinese so you will not know where to click.So we have made it simpler by highlighting it and now you can easily download all the paid apps for free.

Right Click on the app,go to the second option and you will see the name of your device click on it and your app will be downloaded on phone !!

I would Again like to thank Nirmal for this useful Tip as it is really usefull.

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