Thursday, 19 November 2015

A 4 Step Guide Of How To Copy Content From Any Secured PDF

Disclaimer !-This post is only for educational purposes and should not be used for plagiarism or violating copyrights

Often students face a situation where they need to copy and paste some content from internet and they come across a pdf which they find very useful but are unable to use it as it is restricted and doesn't allow you to copy and paste.

So here's a solution to it but as said do not use it to achieve wrong ends-:

1) Drag a secured pdf to Google chrome 

2)Press ctrl+p or simply print option at the end

3)Save as 

4)You are good to go

Now you can copy and paste any content from that secured pdf and get good grades.
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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

SuperBeam For Faster File Sharing

Connectivity in phones have been developing along with mobile phones. It started with infra-red, then came bluetooth, then NFC and now the newest is WiFi Direct. Developers have formulated a new application called the SuperBeam which provides a faster file transfer process. 

Photo Credits-Google Play Store

SuperBeam uses WiFi Direct to share any file stored on the device with another device, this is possible on a device that runs Android 4.0 or later. If your device runs an older version of Android, the application will automatically switch to hotspot mode. You can pair the devices using QR codes or NFC, you do not need to install an QR reader application because it has an inbuilt QR scanner. Another feature that SuperBeam boasts is the ability to use an existing WiFi network to connect and share files between devices.


Share files between devices using NFC or QR code scanning.
Blazing fast transfer speeds using WiFi direct.
Switches to hotspot mode automatically for devices that doesn't support WiFi direct.
Can use existing WiFi network connection between devices.
Share single or multiple files of any type (photos, videos, zip files, APK's)
Works with all 3rd party file managers and photo galleries.
Light and dark color themes.
Advanced settings

WiFi direct doesn't play well with custom ROMs. Please follow these steps to switch to hotspot (tethering) mode if WiFi direct is causing you issues:
Open SuperBeam scanner.
Tap options > settings.
Tap Advanced settings > Preferred direct method.
Choose Hotspot.
Close SuperBeam and try sharing again.

This application is available for free on Google Play Store.

Source:- XDA Developers
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Flash Your Android Device Wirelessly Using RemoteFlash

Many people after buying there smart phones, are satisfied by the features that the company has provided with the phone. But there are a second group of people too who want to explore their devices to the fullest by flashing custom ROM or flashing any new update or adding a modded feature of some other phone to enhance the properties of their phone. At the time of flashing or rooting you require a USB cable and a laptop, but many a times you will not find the USB cable in place or it would be not in a good condition due to frequent use. Despite of this if a person uses this faulty USB cable for flashing then its mere risk.

To minimize this risk developers have come up with a application which will allow users to flash there phones wirelessly. The application is called as 'RemoteFlash'. It allows you to flash ROMS, Mods, and Updates directly from your computer, over WiFi.  APK's can also be installed on your device  wirelessly using this application.

This application consists of two files. The first  one being a standalone Java application that will  run on your computer and  the other file is the RemoteFlash apk which will be installed in your android device. The PC and the android device should be connected to each other via same WiFi network.


Install the java application on your PC and the APK on your android device.
Run the RemoteFlash apk.
Reboot the device.
As soon as your device boots back up, RemoteFlash will be running.
Open the PC client and click "Auto-Scan".
Check/uncheck "Wipe Data/Cache", and click "Go".
Select the file to be flashed, and it will be flashed directly to your device.

Links -:

JAVA application for PC "RemoteFlashPC-V0.3.jar" can be downloaded from here.

APK for android device "RemoteFlashV1.1.apk" can be downloaded from here.
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New Style Of Switching

Got bored with the default android switcher!!!
             A new switcher is on its way to change it, it is called the "Switchr". It is a application for all the android devices which will help to change the trend of switching between multiple applications on your android device.

            This application has been created by a XDA senior member, Mohammad Adib. This application is inspired by the Paranoid Android's Halo. Users can use this application to switch between running applications and even close them by swiping over it. If your device is rooted, you can also integrate the app with Halo, enabling even more possibilities.
Arc Style

Flow Style

Slide Style

 The best part of this application is that it is free and has three styles of switching. So it is a must to install application on your android phone or tablet as it is compatible for all android devices. This application can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store.

Source- XDA-Developers
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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

6 Android Tips To Make Your Life Simple

1) Extend battery life.

19 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Android Device

First, turn off Bluetooth, GPS (Settings > Location > switch to off *or* tap Mode > Battery saving), and sync for apps (Settings > Under “Accounts” select which apps to stop syncing


2)Give access Wi-Fi without dealing with passwords.

Use this site to generate your QR code and give access to your friends to your home's wifi.

3)Better mutlitasking using Flynx

                    19 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Android Device

You can multi-task better by using this app which loads the links in the background without leaving your news feed or social media stream.It creates a bubble where the links load and once done you are good to go.

4)Plug in a mouse 


5) Or a Keyboard


6)Get mobile notifications your desktop.

Pushbullet (free) is an extremely useful app that allows you to see call and text notifications on your computer. It’s also a very easy way to send files and links

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Top 5 Free Tech Template Or Themes For Blogger

Today many tech blogs are coming up everyday and the first thing people search for is a template so I am going to give you a list of Top 5 Tech themes which you can use for your blog 

1)TechBlog Responsive Blogger Template

                          Tech Blog Responsive Blogger Template

Tech Blog Blogger Template has been specifically designed for ultimate monetization result. Plenty advertisement areas are placed in prominent spots and blended perfectly with the content in a professionally looking online magazine. This theme perfect for Search Engine Optimization, Plus Technology blog, Android, Gadgets, Reviews and News Blog. Its Support multi author options via google plus

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2)Tech Plus

Preview image of TechPlus Blogger Template

TechPlus is a free blogger template with featured content, pages and labels are enabled. Suitable for tech blogs. Its a widget ready template.

2)Sora Tech 


It is specially designed for those, who are looking for a template in order to share the latest news, discoveries, articles, tutorials, some hot tips with your readers. Sora Tech is also a best choice for sharing things on the web with the audience and to run a website that will have in and out information about a particular subject. Sora Tech comes with a stunning design, stylish features and fully responsive nature which is perfect for creating online news, magazine or gossip websites in no time at all. -


It is an all purpose blogger theme designed for online magazine, technology blog, food recipe blog, or news and editorial ventures. Glooger has a responsive layout and a unique modern design. The layout will adapt to different screen sizes which will make your website compatible with any devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptop or desktop computers. Built with latest coding standards and clean design, the theme is envisioned to provide you a free blogger templates for long-term and it will help you to get a powerful solution for online project.

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5)Tech Review

                            live demo
TechReview is a free blogger template with 3 columns, right sidebar, rounded corners, exclusive design for Blogger, slideshow and social bookmarking icons.

Disclaimer- All description about the templates are taken from their respective official description and the link are embedded in images
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Friday, 13 November 2015

Speed Up Your Android Device Up to 60% With All In One Booster Pro

Have you ever experienced that your Android is not performing as it was when you bought it brand new! We all experience this with any phone we buy, with time and age the efficiency of the phone decreases. Take an example as battery, phone speed, etc you feel your phone is turning old day by day.


So there is a way you can still boost up your phone with an App called "All In One Booster Pro". There is nothing you require much thing to do. Just install this app for free available in the play store and make your phone energized. 


It focuses in some major areas of your Android phone- Battery, Internet, Signal, WiFi ! We all know these are the certain things which slowly stop giving performance.


So if your battery is not giving backup as it was earlier this is the App you need to download. It's  not only about the battery, other area like download speed, Wi-Fi speed and network connection is also improved. 

Kufie the App developer has done a very good job. Not only this app has got 5 star rating but also it has thousands of downloads.

Personally i tried this app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and used it for few days until i came here jotting down the review. Surprisingly i found this app has certainly improved my phone battery and WiFi to better extent. 


You can also see this change in performance yourself as it shows you the actual vs available part. So you can test it yourself for days and if it suits your phone you can go ahead with this app.

Just 1.7 Mb app, free of cost and requires Android version 2.1 and above.

Source: All In One Booster PRO for Android on Play Store.
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Control your smartphone via gestures using Trigger

All new high end phones posses "Google Gesture Search", an application that allows users to draw alphabetical letters to finds contacts, music, apps among others within your Android phone. But now developers have come up with an application "Trigger", that can be installed in any android phone and be controlled via pre-designed gestures as well as user-defined gestures. 


                     Trigger is very user-friendly with it’s extensive customization options, allowing users to launch applications and shortcuts, toggle settings such as WiFi on/off, panels with various functions, and various other miscellaneous actions such as send emails and simulate the actions of the home button.
                     Some of the Pre-defined Gestures available in this application are listed below -:

1. Application Panel -Similar to an Application Folder
2. Image Panel
3. Info Panel
4. Text Panel
5. Note Pad Panel
6. Clip Board Panel

1.Launch any application

1. Profiles -Change a large variety of settings with one gesture
2. Vibrate Mode On
3. Vibrate Mode Off
4. Silent Mode On
5. Silent Mode Off
6. WiFi On
7. WiFi Off
8. Bluetooth On
9. Bluetooth Off
10. Data On
11. Data Off
12. Airplane Mode On
13. Airplane Mode Off
14. Adjust Brightness
15. Adjust Volume

1. Do Nothing -For the moments when two gestures are too similar
2. Vibrate Once
3. Play Sound
4. Open Dial pad
5. Call Number
6. Send SMS/MMS
7. SMS/MMS Contact
8. Send E-Mail
9. E-Mail Contact
10. Open Website

1. Lock
2. Dismiss Gesture Field -Also able to press the Trigger again to dismiss
3. Simulate Home Button
4. Switch to Previous App
5. Recent Apps Field 
6. Pull Notification Bar


                                             Photo Credits-XDA Developers

                  Trigger has two gesture-based modes, the first being drawing a gesture upon pressing a floating widget (called the trigger), and the second being swiping the floating widget up, down, left or right to trigger user define actions. Trigger also has a feature where  you shake your device to make the trigger appear and disappear. The recent update, contains 2 new panels: a notepad and clipboard, which both slide out once gestured for.
                  This wonderful application is available to anyone using Android 2.3 and newer, Trigger can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Source- XDA Developres
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Vire Launcher For Android Completely Transform Your UI Into A Better Look

There are pretty lot of Launcher available in the Android Market for free which provides customization to it's best, replacing your phone custom launcher and giving it a whole new UI.


Some of the successful launcher for Android Smartphones includes ADW, Apex which was smooth and much accepted and downloaded by users world-wide. There's something new this time from Xda-Forum member navdeepsangwan and winograd as they have created Vire Launcher for Android. Just like other launcher this too have great features and is very smooth so whatever hardware you are on you wont feel any problem using this launcher.


Some of the features includes 3D Transition Animations, Automatically Themed Icons, Reflection Effects & Multi-Touch Controls.


Currently this package is in beta mode and the author has issued this for free in Play-Store so that he can get feedback about this app.


The 3D home effect that HTC tried to implement in Sense 3.5 is one of the awesome feature the package contains and also by using on board accelerometer users can see lots of visual changes on the UI. 


The entire UI is amazingly customizable so one should try this app on their phone with just minimum requirement of Android 2.2 and up. 

(Download Link- Play Store)

Source: Xda-Developers

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Floating Note And Floating Paint, New Application For Multitasking

Multitasking is the new trend that is governing the present mobile phone market, after Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launched this exciting feature. But as this feature is present only in selected phones, developers have been developing several applications to enable multitasking feature in Android device. Floating applications such as Floating Stickies and Floating Draw have been recently developed which simplify multitasking feature by allowing applications to float or hover over other running applications, this allows users to more easily perform multiple actions at once. Floating Notes and Floating Paint are the newly developed applications  which are, to jot down notes and to illustrate over another application, respectively.


Floating Notes is present in up to two resizable and minimizable notepads . Transparency can be adjusted and notes can be saved, shared, copied, and pasted.
This application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


Floating Paint application allows up to four resizable and minimizable windows to doodle on. A pane slides out from the right of a window of the device to allow users to set the window transparency, color of the paint, and the thickness of the paintbrush.

                                                    Photo Credits - XDA Developers

Source- XDA Developers
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Notification Popup Alert Provides Notification Anytime,Anywhere For Android

Have you ever been caught in situation where you are busy enjoying your app and you get notification maybe Texts or Watsapp and you have to go back to the screen to find the notification was useless or worth no reply. Well it does create more pain when playing games like Zynga Poker you receive a notification and you have to switch back to your home screen and until you find it was waste, you go back to the Game and find yourself connecting. Ultimately, it takes some time for nothing such useful you do for that period.

When you have Android you don't have to worry about such Notifications preview apps as we find some of the good tested one here for you. 


Notification Popup Alert developed by a XDA Forum member TraberSoftware which promises to solve your such miseries. Currently in beta stage but the app has wider functionalists. So after installing it on your phone you could receive a popup message of notification on bottom of your screen which vanishes with your touch. Not only it notifies with your all phone's activities but also you can select whichever app notification you need. So in-case you need Whatsapp and Viber notifications that can be done in the settings. 


For so far we have tested the app works efficiently but as it's in beta mode it can have few bugs. 


After you install the app make sure you enable the status of the app from the settings. You can even customize the Pop-up style to two different shades consisting of Light and Dark. 


As you can see from above screenshot it can help you to clearly see what notification you are getting so you don't end wasting time switching screen.

Get Notification Popup Alert for free - Play Store Link.
Download the apk- here

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'Clean Master' an All-In-One Android Cleaning Application

The present Android Operating System is just like the convectional computer operating system, in it also temporary files are created during booting , installing and uninstalling applications or programs which take extra space in your phones memory and also extra RAM space. These may cause decreased RAM space thus leading to lagging of the system.
Clean Master is an all-in-one Android cleaning application which will remove useless redundant files, erase your device history, wipe any private data, uninstall applications and act as a task killer.

                                             Photo courtsey- XDA Developers

The features included in this application are:

1. History Eraser

Clean cache
Clean residual files

2. Privacy Protection.

Clean selected messages (SMS&MMS)
Clean selceted call logs
Clean Google search history
Clear clipboard data
Protect other app privacy such as wechat, whatsapp, etc.

3. Kill running tasks/release RAM/1Tap Boost
4. Application manager


You can download this application from Google Play Store.

Source-XDA Developers
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Scribble Racer : Game Designed For SPen

Android has always been a source of entertainment apart from customization and other stuffs. There are bunch of addictive and innovative games which easily cuts your time when you feel bored. Well, its time to add one more game to that list, its called Scribble Racer.  


Developed by XDA Forum Member Wolfgang Knecht, Scribble Racer is a simple yet very addictive game specially designed for those who carry SPen with them. It can also be easily played with finger. All you have to do is guide your SPen or finger through the track that scrolls faster and faster as you proceed through levels, allowing the player to gather variety of cool stuffs such as stars, coins, fruits and candy which helps you gain points on that level.


The game has three difficulty level : Easy | Normal | Hard . Each level increases the scrolling speed respectively. Overall, the game is totally addictive and the best part, it's FREE. 

Do give it a try and I am sure you won't be disappointed. 

Technoisseur's RATING

Google Play Store Link : Scribble Racer For Android 

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Play PSP Games On iOS, Android, Windows And BlackBerry As PSP Emulator PPSSPP Is Now Available

Gaming these days has managed to comfortably shift from Consoles to smartphones. Particularly when we are seeking hand held gaming devices, our choices has widened from selective PSP or Nintendo DS's to high end Android/iOS Smartphones. Well, Sony PSP long back created a rift among Gamers particularly in Hand-held gaming sections but now it's long lost and forgotten.


Long back then Games such as God of War, Virtual Tennis, Tekken, etc had good graphics and strong game-play. People have moved to Android and iOS's these days and buying PSP even for 6,000 (INR) is a big deal. Time has discarded PSP and people who have already invested genuine amount of money in their massive smartphones don't want to get a old generation PSP. Still knowing games of that time were real good and the list can go long. 


Why did that happen anyways? Truly i being one of the Sony PSP fan-boys honestly feel a monopoly in the market. Good titles stopped coming and the games quality in the PSP section started to depreciate it's quality. Probably they had to push the PS-Vita up. Nerveless that's not our concern here.

Good news for people wanting to try out those titles directly on their Smartphone, PPSSPP has released portable PSP emulator version 0.7  for Android, Windows, Apple, Blackberry devices.

Earlier such emulator was coded for iOS devices only but finally the Android version it out. You might think the quality and frame rates may vary in actual device and here but that's nothing to worry about as they have already tested on few games and it does work pretty fine. 

The tested games from the developer includes God of War, Wipe-out Pure, Virtual Tennis. The complete list can be checked here and also to note some games have glitches and they are displayed in the compatibility list here. So before you proceed installing you can check out the game performance there.

For the download link please visit here directly to the "" website here.
Android users can also get it from play-store here.

Gaming on PSP was quite fun earlier and those who haven't tried titles because they had Android and lacked possessing PSP must start trying installing this emulator and enjoy seamless gaming. We haven't tested this ourselves but going through the videos and earlier applications of this developers i can assure it will work for you too.

You are free to comment here in case you face any glitch.
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Get Your Blog Or Website Built At An Affordable Price

No doubt it's really easy to get your own blog and website but still there are few people who aren't aware of how it's done and get stuck in the technicalities and tech web designing their own website and blog rather than focusing on what they are really interested in and is their passion.And that where we come in :

How to Get your blog or website:

The first thing you do when you want to open a blog is hunting for name and when you think of any name its already taken so here we can of little use at an affordable price

1) Get your Name- Rs 500

You tell us your niche and we will provide you with an option of five names which are available and you can choose among them.

2)Choosing and designing logo- Rs 800

For any brand or company one of the most important thing is logo and we have a great team who is really good at this work

We will provide you with five options and you can choose among them.

3)Designing your Website-Rs 1500

This is a little tough process and requires knowledge of coding but if you invest time and see you tube videos you can even do it by yourself but its a time taking process and you should know how to download .xml files and upload them,make necessary changes in html to suit your requirement,make changes in tabs etc.

We will provide you Themes according to your niche and make all necessary changes that are required as per your direction.

4) Custom URL direction-Rs 500

There are many people who are not satisfied with and want there own custom domain but don't know how to redirect or buy hosting service if using some other platform. 

You have to buy your own domain name via godaddy and we will simply redirect it if you are using blogger

No doubt,all these work can be done by you and we are not here to misguide you but its just to ease your work so that you don't waste your time in creating something you are not aware of and focus on something that is your passion.

Total package deal-Rs 2500

For payments
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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Firefox OS Developers Preview for Android devices

           In this evolving smartphone age where everyday in the world a new phone and a new technology related to it is being introduced, the very base of it the operating system is also evolving. Now the dominating operating system for mobiles is Android provided by Google, if we even see its stage and time period of evolution it has increased exponentially. Slowly other companies have also started developing there own operating system in order to make a place in the smartphone technology market. Apple has its iOS, Samsung has also come out with Tizen OS and Ubuntu is also trying to enter the smartphone market. Among these Mozila is also trying to develop a mobile OS, which is called as the Firefox OS.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

          The project name for Firefox OS is "Boot to Gecko (B2G)", it is a open source operating system just as Google Android. This operating system is designed to run web based applications and the installed apps on a smartphone , tablet and smart TVs. This operating system was introduced in February 2012, from them it has been trying to make itself relevant in the existing Mobile OS battle.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

            Thus Mozila has launched its developers preview of its Firefox OS in the form of a APK file for android smartphones. The developers have done a very good job by converting the OS into a APK so that one does not have to flash a new custom rom just to have a feel of it. One can have a taste of this OS just by installing the APK from the below given download link and the homescreen will be replaced by Firefox OS homescreen. As it is a Developers Preview, there are still bugs present in the APK but still it is worth to installing and having an experience of this new OS.

             The APK is available on the official website. You can also visit this link for the developers preview.
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