Friday, 13 November 2015

Notification Popup Alert Provides Notification Anytime,Anywhere For Android

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Have you ever been caught in situation where you are busy enjoying your app and you get notification maybe Texts or Watsapp and you have to go back to the screen to find the notification was useless or worth no reply. Well it does create more pain when playing games like Zynga Poker you receive a notification and you have to switch back to your home screen and until you find it was waste, you go back to the Game and find yourself connecting. Ultimately, it takes some time for nothing such useful you do for that period.

When you have Android you don't have to worry about such Notifications preview apps as we find some of the good tested one here for you. 


Notification Popup Alert developed by a XDA Forum member TraberSoftware which promises to solve your such miseries. Currently in beta stage but the app has wider functionalists. So after installing it on your phone you could receive a popup message of notification on bottom of your screen which vanishes with your touch. Not only it notifies with your all phone's activities but also you can select whichever app notification you need. So in-case you need Whatsapp and Viber notifications that can be done in the settings. 


For so far we have tested the app works efficiently but as it's in beta mode it can have few bugs. 


After you install the app make sure you enable the status of the app from the settings. You can even customize the Pop-up style to two different shades consisting of Light and Dark. 


As you can see from above screenshot it can help you to clearly see what notification you are getting so you don't end wasting time switching screen.

Get Notification Popup Alert for free - Play Store Link.
Download the apk- here

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