Friday, 13 November 2015

Get Your Blog Or Website Built At An Affordable Price

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No doubt it's really easy to get your own blog and website but still there are few people who aren't aware of how it's done and get stuck in the technicalities and tech web designing their own website and blog rather than focusing on what they are really interested in and is their passion.And that where we come in :

How to Get your blog or website:

The first thing you do when you want to open a blog is hunting for name and when you think of any name its already taken so here we can of little use at an affordable price

1) Get your Name- Rs 500

You tell us your niche and we will provide you with an option of five names which are available and you can choose among them.

2)Choosing and designing logo- Rs 800

For any brand or company one of the most important thing is logo and we have a great team who is really good at this work

We will provide you with five options and you can choose among them.

3)Designing your Website-Rs 1500

This is a little tough process and requires knowledge of coding but if you invest time and see you tube videos you can even do it by yourself but its a time taking process and you should know how to download .xml files and upload them,make necessary changes in html to suit your requirement,make changes in tabs etc.

We will provide you Themes according to your niche and make all necessary changes that are required as per your direction.

4) Custom URL direction-Rs 500

There are many people who are not satisfied with and want there own custom domain but don't know how to redirect or buy hosting service if using some other platform. 

You have to buy your own domain name via godaddy and we will simply redirect it if you are using blogger

No doubt,all these work can be done by you and we are not here to misguide you but its just to ease your work so that you don't waste your time in creating something you are not aware of and focus on something that is your passion.

Total package deal-Rs 2500

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