Thursday, 12 November 2015

Firefox OS Developers Preview for Android devices

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           In this evolving smartphone age where everyday in the world a new phone and a new technology related to it is being introduced, the very base of it the operating system is also evolving. Now the dominating operating system for mobiles is Android provided by Google, if we even see its stage and time period of evolution it has increased exponentially. Slowly other companies have also started developing there own operating system in order to make a place in the smartphone technology market. Apple has its iOS, Samsung has also come out with Tizen OS and Ubuntu is also trying to enter the smartphone market. Among these Mozila is also trying to develop a mobile OS, which is called as the Firefox OS.

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          The project name for Firefox OS is "Boot to Gecko (B2G)", it is a open source operating system just as Google Android. This operating system is designed to run web based applications and the installed apps on a smartphone , tablet and smart TVs. This operating system was introduced in February 2012, from them it has been trying to make itself relevant in the existing Mobile OS battle.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

            Thus Mozila has launched its developers preview of its Firefox OS in the form of a APK file for android smartphones. The developers have done a very good job by converting the OS into a APK so that one does not have to flash a new custom rom just to have a feel of it. One can have a taste of this OS just by installing the APK from the below given download link and the homescreen will be replaced by Firefox OS homescreen. As it is a Developers Preview, there are still bugs present in the APK but still it is worth to installing and having an experience of this new OS.

             The APK is available on the official website. You can also visit this link for the developers preview.

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