Sunday, 18 May 2014

Quiz up : Review

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Nowadays, casual gamers prefer playing games on their smartphones rather than on any portable handheld gaming device, like PSP or Nintendo 3DS. In the past few years, gaming on smartphones have transformed drastically. Gone are those days when users used to play games like ‘Snakes’ and ‘Pinball’ on their phone. Now, it’s all about social gaming and competitive online games with eye-catching UI and stunning graphics, like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Uno, and many more. ‘QuizUp’ is a new addition to the list and will certainly appeal to audience of all generations. 

As the name suggests, QuizUp is a free trivia game, available on Android and iOS, where you can connect with your friends or random players from around the world and battle them online in real-time. QuizUp claims to have more than 400 topics to choose from and 200,000 questions to play on. Amazing, Right?

You can login using your Facebook, Google, or e-mail account. It starts with you choosing a topic, after which it begins searching for an opponent and the best part is, you’ll rarely not find anyone to play with. QuizUp claims to have more than 10 million players. There are total 7 questions in every match and each question has to be answered in 10 seconds. If both the players answer correctly, the player with faster response-time is awarded more points. There is a levelling system where you level up topic-wise, rather than levelling as a whole, which I personally feel is better, as it gives you a clear idea about the player you’re playing with. With bunch of achievements to unlock, you’ll definitely come back for more. 

In short, simple concept, brilliant execution. I would suggest this app to all Android/iOS users.

Android : Download link

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