Monday, 19 May 2014

Make your android phone look like an iphone 5

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People always want to change the themes,wallpapers and look of their smartphones but this application gives you a chance to switch the look of your operating system,obviously this is not something new but XDA Developers Created a new app called Fake iPhone 5 has just been uploaded to Google Play

 FakeiPhone 5 is a replacement launcher that makes your Android phone's screen look almost exactly like an iPhone 5's. The main home screen's icons look like duplicates of iOS 6's. By default, the launcher starts with four rows of icons, but you can switch to five.

The developer lists the following features on the app download page:
Most realistic iPhone skin on the market.
Fully functional home screen replacement.
Beautiful icon effects – all installed apps are styled.
Comes with 16 default apps on the first page.
Custom wallpapers supported!
Swipe-to-Search available – just swipe left at the main screen.

Tip: To switch back to your previous launcher, tap the Menu key on your Android phone, then Advanced > Switch Launcher.


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