Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Jair Player:A Totally Cool Music App

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Music is something that people can't live without.New music apps are coming up everyday to give more and more hassle free experience to their users.A similar effort has been made by Akshay (Aky)'s to develop an music app which tries to eliminate the issues that are faced in traditional music apps and in my opinion it is magnum opus.


  • Jair can play most popular audio formats, be controlled straight from your lock screen.
  • It even supports headphone playback controls. And if you’re bored with simply listening to your tunes
  • The application can also automatically download song lyrics. 
  • The app also allows you to fix incorrect metadata with its built-in tag editor. 
  • In future developer is planning on adding a unique feature called Moods, which will allow you to select songs based on your current emotions.

The description provided by the Developer says "Jair Player - The Music rainbow is an attempt towards making listening to music a hassel-free task using Simple, Clean & Intuitive UI. The player boasts of a fast & effective technique which not only the users will appreciate but will also make them fall in love with it! "


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