Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Android N with a revamped Multi-Window

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While most of the devices are still getting the Android Marshmallow (6.0.1) updates, Google has released a Developer's preview of the new Android N. Developers have been continuously exploring this developer's preview and providing us with the new features in this new upgrade. One such feature in Android N is 'Multi-Window', this feature has been introduced in Android Lollipop but it has been upgraded to a whole new level.

In this update the screen of a handheld device can support a split screen in which two applications can be run side by side or one on top of another, for bigger devices like tab or a TV the application developers can provide a picture in picture mode. In the handheld version the size of the split screen can also be re sized according to our need just by dragging the interface line between the two applications.

Figure: Two apps running side by side in split screen mode

Android is providing the developers with Android N sdk to build and configure their applications according to their needs. If the developers wish to disable the multi-window option to provide a full screen experience to the customers, that option has also been provided to them by Android.

In addition to running applications in multi-window mode, users can even launch a new application in multi-window mode. This new version of Android will also be supporting Drag and Drop feature in which the user will be able to drag and drop data from one application to other application that are together sharing the screen. We can hope to see more exciting refinements in this version of Android in the days to come.

Source- XDA- Developers and Android Developers

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