Tuesday, 17 November 2015

6 Android Tips To Make Your Life Simple

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1) Extend battery life.

19 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Android Device

First, turn off Bluetooth, GPS (Settings > Location > switch to off *or* tap Mode > Battery saving), and sync for apps (Settings > Under “Accounts” select which apps to stop syncing


2)Give access Wi-Fi without dealing with passwords.

Use this site to generate your QR code and give access to your friends to your home's wifi.

3)Better mutlitasking using Flynx

                    19 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Android Device

You can multi-task better by using this app which loads the links in the background without leaving your news feed or social media stream.It creates a bubble where the links load and once done you are good to go.

4)Plug in a mouse 


5) Or a Keyboard


6)Get mobile notifications your desktop.

Pushbullet (free) is an extremely useful app that allows you to see call and text notifications on your computer. It’s also a very easy way to send files and links

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