Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Flash Your Android Device Wirelessly Using RemoteFlash

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Many people after buying there smart phones, are satisfied by the features that the company has provided with the phone. But there are a second group of people too who want to explore their devices to the fullest by flashing custom ROM or flashing any new update or adding a modded feature of some other phone to enhance the properties of their phone. At the time of flashing or rooting you require a USB cable and a laptop, but many a times you will not find the USB cable in place or it would be not in a good condition due to frequent use. Despite of this if a person uses this faulty USB cable for flashing then its mere risk.

To minimize this risk developers have come up with a application which will allow users to flash there phones wirelessly. The application is called as 'RemoteFlash'. It allows you to flash ROMS, Mods, and Updates directly from your computer, over WiFi.  APK's can also be installed on your device  wirelessly using this application.

This application consists of two files. The first  one being a standalone Java application that will  run on your computer and  the other file is the RemoteFlash apk which will be installed in your android device. The PC and the android device should be connected to each other via same WiFi network.


Install the java application on your PC and the APK on your android device.
Run the RemoteFlash apk.
Reboot the device.
As soon as your device boots back up, RemoteFlash will be running.
Open the PC client and click "Auto-Scan".
Check/uncheck "Wipe Data/Cache", and click "Go".
Select the file to be flashed, and it will be flashed directly to your device.

Links -:

JAVA application for PC "RemoteFlashPC-V0.3.jar" can be downloaded from here.

APK for android device "RemoteFlashV1.1.apk" can be downloaded from here.

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