Monday, 28 April 2014

Access Device's And Computer's Data On A WiFi Network By Your Android Device

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Connectivity in present day devices plays a major role, major companies are running research for either new connectivity options or refining the existing options. People use WiFi to be connected to internet wirelessly in a area. If you are connected to a network you can access the data on the other devices connected to the same network by a software.

Procedure to access other devices on WiFi via Astro File Manager :-
  • Open the Astro File Manager User Interface.

  •  Then click on 'Scan Local Network' 

  •  'Work Group' icon will be displayed as shown in the Screen shot above

  •  When you click on the 'Work Group' the devices connected to the network will be displayed

  • Select the device you want to access, if it asks for password then enter the username and password of the system and then you can access it.

Astro file manager is an excellent file manager for android devices, it can be used to access your phones files as well as data on other devices connected to the same WiFi network wirelessly. This software is freely available on Google Play Store so you can easily download it and use it.  

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