Sunday, 27 April 2014

Dual boot windows 8 with windows 7

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So windows has been launched for a quite a time now and you are still wondering whether to upgrade or not and not wanting to give up your older and favorite version,so here's what you can do,double boot windows 7 with windows 8 and can have both running on the same time and enjoy both.

Here's how you can do !!!

Step 1: Back up your current system

This is always a good practice when you are tweaking an operating system. The risk of losing data is usually pretty low, but you don’t want files to disappear the one and only time you didn’t back up.

Step 2: Create a new partition on your hard drive


Step 3: Obtain your copy of Windows 8

Depending on how you want to purchase the new OS, you can install it either by DVD or by USB drive. If you purchase a copy in your friendly local computer store, you’ll be using the DVD and DVD drive approach in the next step

Step 4: Install Windows 8 in the new partition

Step 5 :Install Windows 8

 On the next screen, select the Unallocated Space we created earlier and click Next.

Step 6: Dual-Booting

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