Sunday, 27 April 2014

Get Rid of Cell Broadcasting Messages [ROOTED]

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All of us out there are annoyed of those buggy cell broadcasting messages and even turning it off manually(Messages --> Cell Broadcasts --> Settingsdoesn't seem to help. This particular problem is mostly experienced with custom ROMs. How to get rid of them?

Well, follow these steps and I'm sure you'll no longer be getting those 'alien-encrypted' broadcast messages.

  • - Open Terminal Emulator (Menu --> Terminal Emulator)  and switch to root using su command.
  • - Execute the following command :                                                                                                                    pm disable
  • - Once successfully executed, it'll return kill.
  • - Restart your phone and that's it. You're done. 

In order to turn it back ON, just replace disable with enable. But seriously, Why would you do that? 

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