Sunday, 27 April 2014

Get Your Facebook And Twitter Feeds Right On Your Home Screen With This Live Wallpaper

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In Today's world social media has become an integral part in our lives because it keeps us connected,helps following the band we love,getting important news,entertainment or anything you name,and Mobile devices have given them new heights.What makes these mobile so useful,Its the OS and Apps that keeps them driving.

Keeping this in mind Xda-developer Stilv has created an Live wallpaper which lets you set your home screen to be Facebook or twitter timeline and you can see all your feeds on the home screen without even opening the official app.The apps are named as Facebook magic and Twitter magic.I tried this app myself but was not quite impressed with it's lite version and when people don't enjoy your lite version why  would they buy the paid one ?

Both the apps are quite similar in their functionality,you just need to download the app and connect your Facebook or twitter account and set it as your live wallpaper and done you will get all your feeds on your screen.What else do you need,Life's made more easy right ??

But there's a little glitch the lite version refreshes feeds at every 12 hours which is not really good but the paid version provides your with options like  2, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 minute update. 



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