Monday, 26 May 2014

"DeblurIt" An App To Deblur Your Pics

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There are plenty of smartphones in the market with pretty decent cameras but there are always some pics which are little blurred but are really great.No doubt the photos taken from smartphones cannot be compared with that of professional cameras and there are always chances of photo being of poor quality and blurred.

So Xda-member Standy66 thought of  a solution and developed a app based on de-convolution theory .There are certain features where you can choose the Blur type,smoothness 
 and radius of the image which you want to get deblurred.DeblurIt supports images up to 4096×4096 pixels, can export to PNG and JPEG, and will operate in the background and notify you when the process is complete.

While commonly used "unsharp mask" filter just detects the edges and adds them to the original image, deconvolution uses information within the image to approximately restore the original state and fix photo blur.

Try out this awesome app and let us know How did you like it ??

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