Thursday, 14 January 2016

How To Play YouTube Videos In background While Multitasking

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YouTube has one of the largest collection of video songs.Even after many song Apps like Saavn and Gaana,people still listen to songs on YouTube as new songs are released quite early as compared to these apps but as you are listening to your favorite song you get an email notification or whatsapp notification and as soon as you click on it,your music stops.

There were few apps like uListen,supertube,viral however they have been removed by google.Still there's one app which still works is Popup Video however it will play only initial five minutes and ask you to purchase the app.

So to help you out Here's a trick:
For Android


1)The First requisite for this is a smartphone(just kidding),Mozilla Firefox browser.

2)Open YouTube Site in mozilla 

3)Go to settings and click on desktop tab,this will redirect you to desktop version of YouTube

Now you can work on different apps while listening to your favourite music in the background

For iOS


To be truthful there's no trick here and you might have come across this accidentally and if not we will make that happen

1) Just go to YouTube website on your safari and let the video play

2)Now when you tap on Home button you will see your video has stopped

3)Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center and tap the Play button.

Now you can do whatever you want,however there's fall out that you have to remove the YouTube app else safari will redirect you to that app

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