Sunday, 24 January 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Vs Galaxy Note 4

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Recently Samsung launched its 5th variation in its much acclaimed and hyped Galaxy Note series. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which will be put to sales from September the 20th at a tentative price of Rs 53900(for the 32 Gb version), is quiet different from its predecessor. Samsung has really made some really bold changes into this model, but how many of these are really effective, lets find out.

Specs and Body

The most notable difference in the two models is the body. Note 5 being a lot more sleakier and compact has done away with the removable back cover and battery. The leather back cover of Note 4 has been replaced by glass in Note 5.The memory card slot has been done away with, and there is no way to increase memory in Note 5. Samsung has shed about 1mm in every direction to give Note 5 a better in hand feel.

Coming to the actual specs of Note 5, the phone has a 4 Gb RAM, in comparison to 3Gb of its predecessor, providing a better multi tasking experience. The phone comes in with 4G LTE enabled and a 64 bit octacore processor, 143.9 mm QuadHD display are all better than those of Note 4.Note  5 also comes with the 5.1.1 Lollipop version of android.3000 mAH battery of Note 5, is good enough for a complete days' work with most of its features active. Gorilla glass 4 present in Note 5 is also a notable feature difference, from the Note 4.

          Image credits- The Indian Express

Charging and Camera

 Note 5 comes with the fast charging and wireless charging feature, though the wireless charger doesn't come with the phone. Camera for both the phones are one of the best in the android series, Note 5 comes with a 16MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera, with image stabilization. Image stabilization, also enables the user to record high quality videos.

          Image credits-The Indian Express

The S Pen

The defining feature of the Note series is the S pen which differentiates it from the S and J series of samsung. Note 5 has definately taken a step towards the better for this feature. The S pen pops out of the phone on a simple click of a button and can perform a variety of functions, including jotting down notes on the screen while the screen is still locked. The clicky S pen is surely a welcome addition in Note 5.


Inspite of Samsung making efforts to introduce lot of changes in Note 5,none of these changes actually make a lot of difference. In turn it has mostly taken inspiration from the S series for these changes. Now its upto the users to experience it and pass the final verdict on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


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