Sunday, 3 January 2016

XenoAmp - Amazing Music Player

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There are literally tons of music players on the Google Play Store and you’ve probably had to sift through them to find the one that you’ve got right now. Some of you may want a music player with a lot of functions while others prefer music players that are basic and does what they say on the tin. XenoAmp BETA not only does what it was made to do but is also aesthetically pleasing.

XenoAmp brings together design elements from the Metro UI and Android’s magazine interface, laying album art all over what seems to be a freely scrollable, boundless black background. The UI is all about using natural gestures to control playback, manage playlists, and browse through albums in a very elegant, unique, and beautiful interface.


XenoAmp is an audio player with a difference (you'll know what I mean when you see it!) and while you can find all the features in official thread on XDA (and there's whole load of them!), let me point out those that make me most proud of:

- Audiogram-like headphone calibration (equalizer frequencies are set based on your amp/headphones/ears)

- Room calibration (based on microphone profiles sent by users) for times when you're      using your Android devices in docks, car or as audio sources for bigger equipment

- Replaygain support

- ViperAudio equalizer support (if available)

- Mix music music off your local files, SMB shares, Subsonic servers, Google Play, online radio or 8 tracks on single playlist(s). No matter where the file is physically, from your point of view it's just an audio track.

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